Pearl Academy celebrates Khadi with a Unique Fashion Show


New Delhi: On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi, Pearl Academy – India’s premier institute of design, fashion, business and media, today hosted a fashion show on the theme – “Ethical Eco Collective” at select City Walk, Saket. With an aim to be a part of Mahatma Gandhi’s life-philosophy of Swadesi and Khadi, the fashion show was aimed at re-inventing Khadi as a symbol of Indian textile heritage. The collections designed by eight Pearl Academy alumni to enhance the quality and values of khadi with intricate design details to make them look contemporary, commercially viable and relevant to the target market.

As a prequel to the fashion show, Pearl Academy’s students and alumnus, along with local artisans also organized an awareness drive on the uniqueness of the yarn through an installation of 15 Charkhas (spinning wheel). Epitomizing the theme of “Spinning stories of Nostalgia”, the installation gave the public a chance to see how the fabric is made and understand its resonance with our culture and its similarity with self-respect and self-reliance during the Indian freedom struggle.

The fashion show, designed by students of Pearl Academy as an ode to the ‘father of the nation’ depicted Khadi in all its glory and versatility, reiterating the relevance of sustainable fashion. Sustainable Fashion has become the need of the hour with the fashion industry and people-at-large taking special efforts to adopt homegrown fabrics to preserve our planet and move towards sustainability.

Thrilled about the success of the show and lauding the students for their efforts, Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Dean school of Fashion Pearl Academy said, “Today’s event under the larger umbrella of fashion is contagious, an initiative of Pearl Academy, we are saying NO to single use plastic and spreading awareness on the importance of using organic and sustainable materials in creating fashion futures. Our alumni have taken inspiration from the rich Indian culture and heritage to create sustainable clothing. Our effort will take Khadi at the global level. In order to design the future, it is very important to take lessons from the past and India has always advocated that”.

As a part of collaboration with Charkha Museum, Pearl Academy students will also be displaying an installation at the museum depicting Gandhi Ji’s Dandi March from 28th September to 3rd October 2019. Through such events, the institute aims to encourage handspun Khadi in the country as a fashion statement, embodying a worldview of the past as-well-as the future.