Pearl Academy PORTFOLIO 2022: Celebration of students’ creative ideas

Delhi : Confluence of technology and creativity was at display by the students of Pearl Academy at ‘Portfolio 2022’. An annual event, Portfolio 2022 is a kaleidoscope of ideas and an impressive showcase of a diverse range of innovative projects in the field of design, fashion, creative practices, media and business. Union Minister of State for Textile and Railways, Smt. Darshana Vikram Jardosh inaugurated the two-day event. She was joined by Sharad Mehra, President, Creative Arts Education Society and Aditi Srivastava, President, Pearl Academy.

Encouraging the students at Portfolio 2022, Smt. Darshana Vikram Jardosh, Union Minister of State for Railways and Textiles said, “I congratulate Pearl Academy for nurturing students in various creative arts and combining it with modern technology. The students are the future of this nation and I would like to encourage them to work towards Vocal for Local, Skill India and Atmanirbhar Bharat. These government initiatives are important for prosperity of our nation and its citizens. She also encouraged the students to utilize this academic knowledge to learn and conserve traditional art & craft of India and support the local artisans.”


Taking time from her busy schedule, Smt. Darshana Vikram Jardosh took a tour of the student work and interacted with them.


Sharing the vision of Pearl Academy and Portfolio 2022, Sharad Mehra, Chairman – Creative Arts Education Society, Pearl Academy, said, “The vision of Portfolio 2022 has been to enable our students to show the world their ideas on embracing technology, creativity, reality and humanity to create a better tomorrow. I am excited by the glimpse of the future they have shown through their digital and human-centric projects and concepts. As Pearl Academy enters Metaverse, Portfolio 2022 is a fitting beginning to an exhilarating journey.”