Pearson India and Amity University signs an MoU for learning partnership

Delhi: Amity University, India’s no. 1 not for profit university and Pearson India, leading digital learning company, joined hands to develop and expand a framework of learning partnership in India. The partnership is a consequence of both Amity and Pearson’s willingness to collaborate and work together towards a strategic partnership for the provision of Pearson Products like MePro, Courseware, Short Courses-LearnIT and other courses that are relevant and beneficial for the University’s students.

Considering the significance of new age, personalized and professional learning tools for students in order to bridge the gap between employability and academia, the purpose of the partnership is to jointly explore and promote a wide range of avenues in which learning outcomes for students can be bettered.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikas Singh, Managing Director, Pearson India, said, “Considering the fact that Amity has been a pioneer in research and innovation in private universities in India, it is a great opportunity and honour for us to sign this MoU with them. The university has set an extremely important example by their strong personal and professional commitment to encourage and recognise the greater participation of people who are working for the education sector. I am sure this collaboration will lead us to explore more ideas in which we can ensure better learning outcomes for our learners.”

In recent times where employers are looking for well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals with multi-disciplinary skill sets, Pearson as a global learning company has been aiming to formulate newer and digital ways of teaching and learning by bringing an array of cutting-edge learning technology, classroom infrastructure and pedagogical methods, AI powered tools to help professionals build the skill-sets of tomorrow & become a part of the future workforce.

“Amity is one of the largest education groups in Asia and with a growing global footprint, we are now dreaming of a tomorrow where each one of our student has an experience of blended learning, with best of class experience combined with pedagogical experiences, utilizing technology as a catalyst and as an enabler,” shared Dr Aseem Chauhan, Addl. President RBEF & Chancellor AU further adding how Amity and Pearson have many natural points of collaboration and cooperation.

The event took place at a talk session organized by Amity University recently, in the presence of Pearson CEO John Fallon.

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