Pearson India launches New Impressions for young readers

New Delhi: In line with its commitment to help learners make measurable progress through learning, Pearson India launched New Impressions Graded Reader series to help children acquire the English language through the study of literature.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Rajesh Pankajakshan, Director- Product, Pearson India, said, “Reading is one of the fundamental skills that enhances language skills and perception among young learners. Encouraging reading habit among children will help build confidence, imaginative and analytical thinking from a young age. At Pearson, we are committed to offering learning models that suit the needs of today’s learners. With the new version of this series, we aim at making the content more contemporary that will act as a guide and help learners master English language skills to be future-ready.

Ms Deepa Nair, Head of English Portfolio at Pearson India, remarked, ‘Literature offers a wide array of delightful reading materials and inspires students to read more, exposing them to different writing styles and rich linguistic inputs in varied cultural contexts. Besides developing critical skills of reading and writing, it allows for better acquisition of vocabulary and understanding of the finer nuances of the English language. Students learn not only to appreciate language in use through literature but also to interpret and construct meaning, think critically and solve problems in a variety of imaginary contexts.’

The New Impressions graded Readers, meant for primary and middle school children, is a rich anthology of literary works in English covering over 100 classical and contemporary writers from around the world. The series has been developed based on the NCF guidelines and the K 12 learner’s contemporary needs. The Digital platform for classroom and the ActiveApp for students’ home learning that accompanies these Readers offer a true blended learning experience to students, allowing them anytime anywhere learning of the English language through multiple modes that Gen Z students enjoy.