Pearson MyPedia partners with Photomath to make fun and interesting for learners

New Delhi: In line with the growing need for adaptive learning, MyPedia, the fully integrated learning programme by Pearson India, announced a partnership with Photomath, the world’s most used math education app. With the goal of making mathematics fun and engaging for school children, all MyPedia users between Grade 5-8 will get upgraded to Photomath Plus, free for a year. This partnership will support MyPedia students to strengthen their lucidity and confidence in math, making learning a more positive experience.

In the fast-moving world where tailored products and customer experience are competitive advantages, Pearson India’s MyPedia integrates all learning and teaching tools into a well-designed scientific manner to transform education-delivery and strengthen concept-based learning. In 2018, MyPedia conducted a study examining the success of intended learner outcomes which highlighted an annual gain up to 8 per cent in learners score on tests measuring target skills.

The addition of Photomath to its offering will aid students in understanding how to approach a problem. Utilizing a mobile phone’s camera to recognize mathematical problems printed or handwritten- Photomath provides students with animated and detailed step-by-step explanations, breaking down math problems into their individual components. Photomath will now support all math questions in CBSE application workbooks, further strengthening students’ learning experience with MyPedia.

Commenting on the partnership, Vikas Singh, Managing Director, Pearson India, said, “We are committed to rethinking and improving the ways students learn. MyPedia, one of our most sought-after solutions for concept-based education at schools, uses an interdisciplinary approach. We are continuously innovating the product to offer personalized and engaging experiences to school children. We are confident that this partnership with Photomath will further enable MyPedia students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math by encouraging different pathways to solving problems.”

“Our vision has always been to help every learner fall in love with math,” said Damir Sabol, CEO of Photomath. “Our partnership with Pearson MyPedia helps us share Photomath Plus with a wider network of students, helping them stay motivated through exploratory learning and ultimately creating new benchmarks in the learning solution space.”

MyPedia students can download Photomath on Google Play today and upgrade to Photomath Plus using their MyPedia username.