Pearson VUE collaborates with FICCI Higher Education Summit and Exhibition 2019 as “Online Assessment” Partner

New Delhi: The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) today inaugurated the 15th FICCI Higher Education Summit and Exhibition 2019 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. The conference and exhibition attracted delegates from more than 65 countries including regions such as Africa, CIS, Middle East and Asia. The three-day event is dedicated to covering: “Creative Economy Nation Building: Higher Education as the catalyst.” Pearson VUE is the official ‘online assessment’ partner at the event.

The basic premise is that India already has the largest higher education system in the world in terms of institutions and second-largest in terms of enrolment – with over 980 Universities, 39931 Colleges, 10725 standalone institutions and 34.6 million students.

Participants at the FICCI Higher Education Summit 2019 broadly agreed that India must keep developing its universities to commercialize knowledge that will drive innovation. Furthermore, collaborative international learning was identified as a vital component of internationalization in higher education.

This drive is supported by central government, which pledged USD 1 billion of funding to improve state universities over three years (2017-2020).

Moreover, the government recently launched a “Study in India’’ program which seeks to attract international students from 30 focused countries and identified 15 zones in India that will be developed into educational cities.

“Pearson VUE is delighted to be the Online Assessment Partner of the FICCI Higher Education Summit and Exhibition 2019. India faces a monumental task in upskilling its workforce. Computer-based testing is key to tackling many critical challenges to further raising assessment standards across the education sector and within the workplace in India,” said Divyalok Sharma, Senior Director (Client Development), Pearson VUE.