Pegasystems Takes ThePegaWorld2019 Experience To Its India Teams

Hyderabad: Pegasystems Inc.(NASDAQ: PEGA), the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises, today premiered the opening keynotes from its annual conference, ‘PegaWorld 2019’ at Las Vegas to its India employees across the Hyderabad and Bangalore offices. Employees were enthralled with the keynotes, followed by an evening of entertainment moderated by the renowned Radio jockey, Rahul Anand and a photo session at the PegaWorld-themed booths.
Speaking on the occasion, Suman Reddy, MD, Pegasystems India said, “We are delighted to participate at our premier annual conference, PegaWorld, from India. The India viewing event enables our colleagues to be part of our exciting product announcements, most of which are developed from India to create client success stories, some of which were showcased at the event. India is critical to Pega’s growth strategy, as we build a strong product pipeline for a rapidly changing global market. Events like the PegaWorld Viewing Event develop a sense of empowerment and pride among our teams. It also bolsters our culture of working hard and taking the time to celebrate our achievements.”
PegaWorld is currently being held between June 3-6 and focuses on uncovering the transformative power of technology, hear success stories from the world’s biggest brands, connect with 5,000 fellow business and tech leaders and get an inside look at the newest Pega technology.