Peking University alumnus Fan Wenfei receives CCF Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution

Peking: China Computer Federation (CCF) Awarding Committee decided to name Peking University alumnus Fan Wenfei, professor of Web Data Management at the University of Edinburgh, one of the recipients of 2020 CCF Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution, to honor his great achievements in computing and contribution to China computing development.

Professor Fan is an international well-known database expert. He has made fundamental contributions to both foundations and practice of big data computing, data quality and semi-structured data management. He initiated a new theory and approach of big data computing, reshaped the field of data quality, solved data usability, and opened up the constraints for semi-structured data.

Over the years, Professor Fan has actively promoted substantial cooperation between China and the UK, involved in China’s scientific research and education to advance computing education in China, and promote China-based big data computing and quality research to the world. He also took an active part in CCF activities, including being the chairman of CCF Big Data Conference, and an invited speaker to CCF flagship events.

Established in 2005, CCF Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution is presented to individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to promote China computing industry and development in scientific research, academic communications, talent cultivation and international cooperation.