Peking University Education Foundation (USA) joins hands with all forces in fighting COVID-19

Peking: Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, Peking University Education Foundation (USA) (“PKUEF (USA)”) has been working with alumni and friends in North America to fight against the global pandemic.

During the early stage of the pandemic, PKU alumni associations in different parts of North America responded swiftly. Despite all difficulties, they procured all kinds of medical supplies and opened up transport channels to deliver those urgently-needed materials back to China.

In early February, a special fundraising project (“Wuhan Relief Aid”) was launched by PKUEF (USA), and it received strong support from alumni and friends overseas. As of March 16, the fundraising ended with 60 donations, totaling $330,750.10. Donors include PKU alumni, friends from other universities and retired PKU teachers living abroad.

The Foundation worked closely with Peking University Health Science Center, Houston Beida Alumni Association as well as other alumni associations to purchase medical supplies, support the PKU medical teams in Wuhan and help students from poor families that were affected by the viral outbreak.

As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a global public health crisis, several countries, including the United States and Canada, have declared states of emergency and are running short of medical supplies. PKUEF (USA) reacted quickly and donated $120,000 in advance. Meanwhile, the foundation launched a special disaster relief project to support the fight against the pandemic in North America. Through cooperation with PKU alumni associations in Huston, Chicago, New York and Northern California, PKUEF (USA) purchased urgently-needed medical supplies and supported American medical institutions including large hospitals in the worst-hit areas, hospitals and clinics in Chinese communities, and hospitals affiliated with PKU’s sister universities.

As of April 29, 67 cash donations have been raised to support the North American disaster relief project, totaling $185,325.61. Moreover, 70,000 masks, 1,073 pairs of goggles, 856 protective suits, 1,119 face shields, 1,500 pairs of protective gloves and 4,300 pairs of shoe covers were distributed to more than 70 American medical institutions. PKUEF (USA) also offered help to the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and the nursing homes in Canada in collaboration with the Peking University Alumni Foundation of Canada.