Peking University gets platinum certification in FISU Healthy Campus program

Peking : On February 22, 2021, Peking University obtained Platinum Certification –the highest level to be reached in FISU Healthy Campus program after passing the audit guided by the Healthy Campus Standard of International University Sports Federation (FISU), which made Peking University the first in Asia to earn this honor.

Launched on May 12 2020, the Healthy Campus program opens to universities and tertiary education institutions in all countries and regions worldwide. Peking University is one of the seven pilot international universities and the first in Asia to join this international network. In last May, FISU published Healthy Campus Standard as the official reference document to help universities to be certified. The Standard is developed by 26 world-renowned experts. He Zhonghui, professor from the Department of PE at Peking University, is the only Asian expert among them.

With 100 scientific criteria in total, the Standard covers 7 domains including Management, Physical Activity and Sport, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Mental and Social Health, Risk Behavior, and Environment, Sustainability and Responsibility. By providing evidence and answering the 100 criteria, universities will receive certified, bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification and Healthy Campus Label according to the number of validated criteria. To reach the highest-level platinum, universities shall have at least 91 out of 100 criteria to be approved.

In June, 2020, Peking University set up Healthy Campus Working Group to coordinate the implementation of Healthy Campus program, with An Yufeng, vice chair of Peking University Council, being appointed as the leader. In last October, the Working Group organized their first meeting, during which they defined the procedure of summarizing and generalizing results and the experience of PKU’s Healthy Campus building. From October, 2020 to January, 2021, the Group members collaborated and sorted out their work and records related to different Healthy Campus domains respectively and the secretariat under the Working Group assembled these materials before submitting bilingual answers and evidence (in Chinese and in English) to the Healthy Campus digital platform. Not only did the materials meet the requirements of the Standard, they also demonstrated perfectly Peking University and its campus with extraordinary characteristics.

At the annual council conference of the Federation of University Sports of China held in January, 2020, Zheng Zhong, secretary general of Peking University’s Healthy Campus Working Group, shared PKU’s experience on building a Healthy Campus and received recognition from the participants.

Peking University has checked 96 out of the 100 boxes in the list of criteria so far. The University has also set its objectives and made an action plan for the next stage of work, in the purpose of promoting the Healthy Campus program and putting into practice the goals of PKU’s campus cultural development with the theme “Healthy Campus, Active Beida”.

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