Peking University holds the Second Ecological and Environmental Development Forum

Peking University: On May 5, the second Ecological and Environmental Development Forum was held at Peking University. The event was jointly organized by the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, its alumni association as well as the E20 Environmental Platform. The forum seeks to provide a common space for professional innovation and ideation regarding topics such as green development and carbon emission control.

In his welcome address, Peking University Vice President Wang Bo explained that the theme for the forum, “Strategies for Carbon Peaks and Carbon Neutrality”, sought inspiration from an ancient Chinese philosophical text that talks about the importance of balance and middle grounds. Wang highlighted the need to harness the valuable power of science and the synergy provided by integrated research to develop feasible action plans for a balanced and grounded approach to carbon emission and environmental conservation. He hopes that the forum will serve as a gathering of the brightest minds in the field of environmental science, and that the enriching exchange of opinions will pave the way for collective action in conservation efforts.

Wang Bo

Following his address was a heartening speech by Wang Xiaokang, chairman of the Alumni Association of PKU College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Wang expressed gratitude on behalf of the association for the opportunity to promote the great cause of environmental awareness, and noted that the road to successful carbon control would be a challenging one requiring concerted efforts. Wang said that the association is confident in Peking University’s capability to make significant contributions to this environmental cause in a new age of development.

Wang Xiaokang

The forum saw a series of riveting speeches by other esteemed guests which provided a spectrum of enlightening perspectives on the core issue of how an “ecological civilization” could be constructed given China’s current state of development. It also marked the establishment of Alumni Scholarship of PKU College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, which is funded by donations from the devoted members of the alumni association and aims to provide financial support to outstanding and deserving students from the college.

Discussion between the attendees

The forum brought many creative and transformative action plans to the fore. By encouraging critical discussions between iconic thinkers in the field, the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering laid the groundwork for its sustained and dynamic leadership in academic research and industry trends.

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