Peking University holds video conference with the University of Tokyo

Peking University held a video conference with the University of Tokyo, sharing its experience on online teaching and medical cooperation during the epidemic, and agreeing to deepen exchanges and cooperation in related fields.


At the video conference

The novel coronavirus has been spreading rapidly throughout the world, creating many challenges for the society. During the outbreak, Peking University and the University of Tokyo maintained frequent communication. The two universities have been encouraging each other and seeking bilateral cooperation, which reflects the profound friendship between each other.

Hao Ping, president of Peking University noted that amid the outbreak of COVID-19, Peking University shouldered responsibilities and missions, sending medical teams to Wuhan and treating critically-ill patients. Moreover, Peking University has been playing its part in the national fight against COVID-19, investing heavily in the research on pandemic and vaccine. Hao added that while students were not allowed to enter the campus, Peking University strived to ensure the smooth progress of online education. Hao hoped universities around the world could work together to address this common challenge faced by all mankind.

Hao Ping

Makoto Gonokami, president of the University of Tokyo, hailed Peking University as an important strategic partner. Since the outbreak, the University of Tokyo has encountered many new challenges in online teaching. Peking University has gained a lot of effective experience in it, so Gonokami hoped to continue the in-depth exchanges and learn from Peking University’s experience and best practices in resolving these problems. Gonokami expected that the University of Tokyo and Peking University would carry out more in-depth and targeted research on epidemic prevention and control, as well as the development of new teaching technologies, thus building a stronger bond and constantly promoting the cooperation between the two sides in a broader field to achieve new results.

Makoto Gonokami

During the video conference, faculty members from both universities also elaborated on the recent progress of online education and medical research and had an in-depth discussion.