Peking University hosts China-Russia Mathematics Center launch ceremony

Peking: On the afternoon of June 29th, 2020, the launch ceremony of the China-Russia Mathematics Center was held in Sunshine Hall of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center in Peking University. Peking University, Moscow State University and a few other universities in China and Russia connected via remote live streaming to jointly witness the launch ceremony. Viktor Sadovnichiy, rector of Moscow State University and Hao Ping, president of Peking University, were among those who attended the launch ceremony. Zhang Pingwen, vice president of Peking University presided over the ceremony.

The establishment of the China-Russia mathematics center was led by Peking University and Moscow State University and relies on the support from the “double first-class” mathematics construction alliance, relevant units of the United Nations and Russian universities and research institutes. Zhang Jiping, dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University and the deputy director of Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research was appointed as the director of the center.At the launch ceremony, Qiu Shuiping, chair of Peking University Council, issued a letter of appointment to Zhang Jiping.

President Hao Ping gave a speech reviewing the long history of friendly exchanges between Chinese and Russian universities, and thanked Moscow State University for the help and support given towards Chinese universities. Hao Ping pointed out that the establishment of a China-Russia mathematics center will enhance cultural exchanges and bilateral cooperation between the two countries. In addition, the center should serve as a training base for outstanding talents from both countries.

Rector Viktor Sadovnichiy congratulated the establishment of the China-Russia Mathematics Center and emphasized Moscow State University’s close ties with Peking University. Over the past 30 years, the two schools have jointly achieved remarkable results through close cooperation. The China-Russia Mathematics Center will serve as a platform to gather outstanding experts and scholars from both countries, train professionals to solve academic problems, and promote the development of scientific knowledge and thinking in both countries. Its establishment marks yet another significant milestone in the cooperation between both schools.

Du Jiangfeng, vice president of the University of Science and Technology of China stated that the University of Science and Technology of China will actively participate in the development of the center, contribute to training world-class mathematics talents and accelerate the development of mathematical disciplines in China.

Zhang Jiping, newly appointed director of the China-Russia Mathematical Center said that the center will explore and learn from the successful experiences of Russia when it comes to developing mathematical disciplines and training mathematics talents. He assured that he would do his utmost in uniting math circles in China to join hands with Moscow State University and other leading Chinese and Russian universities, so as to develop the center into a world-class mathematics institution.

The launch ceremony was also attended by other academics, including professors, academicians and heads of mathematics departments from universities and institutions in China and Russia.