Peking University hosts the 7th “North Pavilion Dialogue” annual meeting

Peking: Peking University hosted the 7th “North Pavilion Dialogue” annual meeting on November 9 and 10. The meeting was sponsored by the Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS) of PKU with dedicated support from university authorities and the School of International Studies. In attendance at the meetings were former political figures and famous experts. Each year they are invited to share their rich political experience, accomplished scholarship and broad strategic vision while discussing international affairs and the political future of our world.

This year’s event took the format of a video conference, with the main topic for discussion being “The International Trends And Strategic Relationship Between China And America After the U.S. Presidential Election”. During the discussion an emphasis was placed on the international trends after the election and bilateral strategic competition.

Participants came to the consensus that while the current state of strategic competition between China and the U.S. is grim, opportunity for cooperation between China and the U.S. is in fact growing. Participants noted the necessity to push for pragmatic proposals and action, so as to revive the declining bilateral relationship and re-establish a stable international order. With unrest continuing to grow around the world, it is crucial to build a framework for multilateral cooperation, push the development of fair, reciprocal and open systems of trade with established common rules. Furthermore, nations must seek to enhance their collaboration to address the common challenges of climate change and public health.

The event hosted 13 honored guests from abroad, among them were former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte. Many famous domestic political experts were also in attendance. Dai Bingguo, former Chinese State Councilor and honorary president of the IISS at PKU, delivered a keynote address.

The IISS was established by PKU in October, 2013. The IISS boasts an abundance of intellectual resources provided by a variety of departments, including PKU School of International Studies. With this backing, the IISS undertakes research into topics assigned by sectors of the government and enterprises, providing high quality consultation services for China’s international strategy and foreign policies. The IISS is also involved in setting up partnerships with think tanks and academic institutions across the globe.

The IISS has hosted the “North Pavilion Dialogue” annual meeting since 2014. The IISS is working to turn the “North Pavilion Dialogue” into an advanced platform, through which international strategy researchers across the globe can communicate, collaborate, engage in in-depth discussion of international affairs, help China build its role in international affairs, and promote win-win cooperation and inclusive development in world politics.

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