Peking University issues guidelines on applying electronic transcripts

Peking: The Graduate School of Peking University will open up the electronic transcript application service from July 2, which includes issuing electronic transcripts in both Chinese and English. The application process is through the university info portal. Steps are as follows:
1. Log in the portal
2. Select “Personal Service” or “个人服务”
3. Select “Graduate School Administrations” or “研究生院业务”
4. Select “Graduate School Affairs Centre” or “研究生事务中心”
5. Select “Electronic Evidence Application” or “电子证明材料申请”

Once submitted, your electronic transcript will be sent to your email within one business day.

If you need a hard copy of your transcript, please do so through the self-service machine in the lobby of the New Sun Student Center. For students who have not returned to Peking University, please apply by email. Send your student ID, name, passport number, contact information, documents that you request, and number of copies to (Yanyuan campus, Tel. 010-62748932) or (Health Science Center, Tel. 010-82801338)

The Graduate School will send your transcript via SF Express on a weekly basis (freight collect).

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