Peking University teachers and students visit AIIB

Peking: Peking University, November 24, 2020: On November 18, Student Career Center of Peking University arranged a tour visit to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) headquarters in Beijing for 30 teachers and students. Laurel Ostfield, director general of AIIB, welcomed the PKU delegation.

Laurel said that the PKU delegation had been the first group visiting the AIIB headquarters since 2020. She briefly introduced AIIB’s backgrounds, including brand building, core concept of “Lean, Clean, Green”, work content, case studies, as well as the challenges and prospects in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also talked about such projects as the National Slum Upgrading Project in Indonesia, the Distribution System Upgrade and Expansion Project in Bangladesh, and the Zhanatas 100 MW Wind Power Plant Project in Kazakhstan that demonstrate AIIB’s outstanding contribution to the transportation, energy, telecommunication, agriculture and urban development in the Asia-Pacific region.

The delegation exchanged views with Ostfield. They talked about the significance of AIIB’s highest credit rating, the establishment of internal management system, the selection criteria of countries and projects for investment and the risk control of foreign exchange, etc. After that, they visited the workplace of the organization.

The visit to AIIB is one of a series of activities about international organizations hosted by Student Career Center of Peking University. PKU alumni, experts of specific areas and professional officers who are currently taking parts in international organizations are invited to share their career paths in the international organizations and help students gain a deeper understanding of international organizations.

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