Peking University-Wiseco Fintech Joint Laboratory established

Peking: On September 16, the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Analysis and Applied Technology and Wiseco Technology Co., Ltd (Wiseco) jointly established Peking University-Wiseco Fintech Joint Laboratory in Jingyuan Courtyard No.6, Peking University. The Joint Laboratory will explore new modes of industry-university-research collaboration, promote the application of cutting-edge technology such as big data and artificial intelligence in fintech and facilitate the digitalization of traditional financial industry.

Zhang Pingwen, vice president of Peking University, director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Analysis and Applied Technology, and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that the financial industry is undergoing digital transformation, where big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other financial technology will play an important role in improving the efficiency of operating enterprises and lowering the costs, and promoting China’s consumption upgrade to better compete in global financial market. He said that the Joint Laboratory should give full play to the advantages of both sides, strive to achieve research results of great application value and further integrate original theories and practical achievements in China’s fintech field to support the digital upgrade of the financial industry and the healthy and sustainable development of fintech.

Chen Jian, chairman of the board of Wiseco, said that after starting his own business, it has always been his dream to collaborate with Peking University to help with the development of China’s fintech industry. He hoped that the establishment of the Joint Laboratory could further break the asymmetry of financial information, promote the precise connection between financial demand and supply, achieve financial prosperity and benefits for all, and make the Joint Laboratory into a top fintech laboratory in China.

In addition to financial support, Wiseco will also combine human resources, technology and scenario resources with those of Peking University to promote the research and development of cutting-edge theoretical projects, regulatory technology and applied technology.

Xia Bican, director of the Joint Laboratory, introduced future work plans. He said that fintech is a field with broad application prospects in digital technology. The establishment of the Joint Laboratory will be beneficial to Peking University’s in-depth research on digital technology and fintech, and promote the new generation of information technology such as big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain to play a greater role in the fintech industry.

Yang Jingping, director of the academic board of the Joint Laboratory and vice director of the Department of Financial Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences, said faculty and students from Peking University will be able to apply to carry out research projects of the Joint Laboratory. Yang added that faculty and students can also submit applications if they have any cutting-edge projects related to fintech, and their projects can be carried out and funded upon approval.

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