People keenly listened to “Awaam ki Awaaz’ Program in Budgam


BUDGAM,: The 7th Episode of ‘Awaam ki Awaaz’ Program witnessed huge participation with people listening to it keenly across Budgam district today.

The public hailed the efforts of the U.T administration in reaching out to the people through innovative ideas including radio and social media.

Awaam Ki Awaaz is the novel initiative of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Jammu and Kashmir which aims at disseminating the progressive steps taken by the administration and seeks public feedback to make the process interactive, participative and people centric. The platform appreciates the heterogeneity of our Union Territory in the truest sense by providing a voice to people’s ambitions and crafting a strategy to draft policies that are reflective of people’s aspirations and making the governance paradigm interactional.

Awaam Ki Awaaz gives voice to the weak, strength to the diseased, space to the marginalized and a vision to the administration that is symbolic of the collective aspirations of the masses. By placing the citizenry at the center of the cycle of policy making, the ideas from the ground that are destined to spring in the corridors of Policy-Formulation are envisioned as the strongest outcomes of this initiative and this 21st century model of governance, built on seeking grass-root level feedbacks is set to emerge as a true tribute to the Gandhian principles of administration.