Percentage of women professors at Utrecht University Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

The percentage of women professors working at Dutch universities is 24.2%, according to the Women Professors Monitor 2020 presented by the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) on 9 December 2020. With 28% women professors, Utrecht University is in fifth place in the overview.

Slight increase in percentage of women professors
The figures from the monitor are based on the percentage of women professors at the end of 2019, which remained the same as at the end of 2018. However, the figures from 2020 to the third quarter (not included in the Monitor) show that the percentage of women professors at Utrecht University has risen slightly to 29%. As long as there is reason to do so, Utrecht University sets new gender targets every five years. The target for 2020 was 27% women professors, so this target has been amply achieved. For 2025 the target has been set at 35% women professors.

Gender figures
Utrecht University annually monitors not only the percentage of women among professors, but also among associate professors (40%*), university lecturers (47%*), PhD students (51%*) and first-year students (61%**). Apart from the percentage of university lecturers, all other percentages have increased compared to 2018.

Barometer Cultural Diversity
In order to establish progress on equality, diversity and inclusion as objectively as possible, the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme has set itself the objective of collecting diversity data other than gender. Utrecht University participates in the Barometer Cultural Diversity (Dutch) to gain insight into the cultural diversity of Utrecht University’s employees in order to develop targeted policies.

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