Perform yoga on International Yoga Day, June 21 at home itself

Bhopal : The International Day of Yoga will be observed on June 21. In view of the Covid-19, Yoga is to be performed voluntarily simultaneously following the social distancing at homes across the state.

The main objective of Yoga and Pranayam on Yoga day is to increase immunity and relieve stress. Each department will appoint a nodal officer in connection with this event. By determining a common protocol, an e-book and video on information about Yogasans to be performed during the Yoga programme, have been prepared by the Ayush department of the Government of India. This can be downloaded from the website Necessary information pertaining to Common Yoga Protocol has been made available by the Ministry of Ayush for practicing yoga before the Yoga Day on different mediums like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The Common Yoga Protocol will be of 45 minutes period, which will be broadcast on Doordarshan and other mediums from 7.00 a.m. to 7.45 a.m. Public representatives, prominent citizens, general public, college and school students, NCC cadets, members of various Yoga institutions, parents and others can take part voluntarily in this event from their homes. This event is completely voluntary. Do not take part in the programme under any circumstances because of ill health. Any mass yoga programme is not being organized owing to spread of Covid-19 infection.

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