Personalised edtech platform SpeEdLabs is all set to collaborate with coaching academies to benefit students and refine teaching landscape.

Mumbai  : India’s one-of-its-kind student-centric practice app SpeEdLabs is creating ripples across coaching centres and educational institutes by making teaching easier and profitable for tutors, coaching centres, impacting a large number of students.


Unlike the conventional setup where teachers’ grading, analysing students’ performance and other administrative tasks of recording attendance take a bulk of their effort and time away, SpeEdLabs provides a platform that brings the focus back on pure teaching. are heavily time consuming, SpeEdLabs app is a platform that merges effectiveness of traditional teacher-classroom learning methods with the efficiency of a Fully stacked AI-enabled practice platform.


Built by teachers who understand the nuances and what it takes to boost performance, the app can be used and the learning suites can be customised by schools, coaching academies, tuition centres and individual tutors. By helping to deliver lectures via LIVE optionalities to enable practice and finally testing, the app helps navigate the entire learning journey of any student. It is designed for teachers to manage multiple batches seamlessly, create tests for students at the click of a button and focus on refining and personalising their own teaching styles.


There are core concept notes for every chapter or  areas of inquiry, based on which there are practice papers and tests created by the platform. The app assesses and records objective and subjective assignments and automatically generates reports on a student’s  strong and weaker points that they need to focus on to upgrade their learning. Such insights and aid on the administrative side such as attendance, total exams and much more helps teachers as well as academy heads to plan how to modify their teaching styles as per students’ requirements.


Further, the platform also effectively takes care of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) of the educational institutes with AI-enabled functions working on accounting, resource management and organisation of several other touchpoints.


The coaching or educational institutes’ teaching strategies and unique lecture style remain the core and the main driver of students’ success whilst SpeEdLabs focus on providing the technology & analytical ecosystem which helps ensure progress tracking of each student in the academy. Not just focused on higher transactions and market shares, the edtech platform actually cares for effectiveness & personalization of teaching across K12 & competitive levels.


Founded in 2015 by Vivek Varshney, an IIT/IIM alumni, the platform’s motto is to provide a personalised learning experience through the power of practice and technology.


Currently present in 500+ cities, enabling 100,000+ students and empowering over 5,000 teachers, SpeEdLabs complements offline tutorials to shift towards a HYBRID LEARNING MODEL whilst continuing to teach in their old way, allowing students to seek more benefit from the AI-driven robust practice ecosystem.


“The solution for effective teaching lies in a blended approach, however most tuition/coaching centres are not equipped to provide personalised analysis, feedback and improvement plans, hence lose on growth and business opportunities,” says Vivek, the founder. And this is where SpeEdLabs comes into picture. They offer customised learning suites for coaching centres collaborating with them and become partners in business.

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