“PetrSU always remains the center of science development”

Sergey Kiselev, Minister of National and Regional Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, congratulates the staff of PetrSU with the New Year.
I sincerely congratulate the students, teachers, and staff of the university with the coming New Year!

PetrSU invariably remains the center for the development of science, training interested and competent specialists for our republic, it is the only university in Russia that trains specialists in the Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish languages ​​at the same time.

This is a platform where a continuous dialogue of creative talented youth, representatives of the scientific community, government authorities, specialists in various fields of activity continues, which allows us to solve a variety of problems.

Dear colleagues, dear friends!

I sincerely wish that the business to which you have dedicated yourself inspires you to new discoveries, brings satisfaction and inspiration!

I wish the native university prosperity, bright successes, new victories and achievements!

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