PetrSU at the project and educational intensive “Archipelago 2121”

The team of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies takes part in the project and educational intensive “Archipelago 2121”.
The full-time part of the project and educational intensive “Archipelago 2121” has started in Veliky Novgorod .

The event is held in a hybrid format in 21 thematic areas.

The goal of the intensive is to create and quickly prepare up to 1,000 new technology teams, as well as accelerate up to 1,000 existing startups using end-to-end technologies.

At the “Archipelago 2121” it is planned to train up to 100 teams of regions, science cities and universities to work with digital tools and develop new strategies for the development of territories.

The project and educational intensive “Archipelago 2121” is held within the framework of the Year of Science and Technology. Technological teams, representatives of business, universities, and regions will gather in Veliky Novgorod, which are working on the creation and implementation of breakthrough technological solutions. This is an excellent opportunity for more than 120 universities that will take part in the intensive, work out development strategies, digital transformation programs, the introduction of new digital solutions and educational formats in their activities, the development of student entrepreneurship.

We expect that the projects that will be created in collaboration with representatives of companies, regional teams and start-ups also participating in the “Archipelago” will be able to make an important contribution to the development of Russian higher education. I wish all the participants of the “Archipelago” productive work,

– noted the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov.

The intensive is held within the framework of the plan of events for the Year of Science and Technology prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science and approved by the government, as well as the instruction of the President of Russia to the government and the ASI on creating conditions for supporting and implementing socially significant initiatives of citizens and projects through the formation of new project-oriented teams, increasing the effectiveness of supporting such teams from government agencies, development institutions, cities and universities.

Mass pre-acceleration of teams and acceleration of young startups is one of the priority tasks for the strategic directions of the government’s work “New high-tech environment” and “National innovation system”.

The format for gathering and accelerating technology and project teams on the University platform at 20.35, including scenarios of seamless interaction with development institutions and participants in the NTI ecosystem, has been successfully tested at the 10-22 Island, Winter Island, and 20.35 Archipelago intensives.

Thematic areas of “Archipelago 2121”:

Logistics of things, people and ideas: the country’s spatial connectivity by 2030 as a technological challenge.
Technological solutions that will change everyone’s life.
The future of territories with a high concentration of science and technology (science cities), their role in the implementation of federal and national projects.
The future of familiar institutions (school, university, corporation): how to make the social sphere more efficient thanks to technology.

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