PetrSU awards were presented to the team of students of the Northern College

During the month from December to January, the team of students of GAPOU RK “Northern College” (Segezha) took part in a series of intellectual games “Not just a quiz, but a quiz” among teams of students of Karelia.
The Northern College team was represented by: Laura Melnikova, Tamila Stalinskaya, Ilya Chekhlai, Andrey Unzhakov, Vyacheslav Dyachkov, Vadim Lopukhin, Maria Dzhussoeva.

More than 30 teams of students from Karelia took part in the competition. In the first competition, the Northern College team was the only one to submit secondary vocational education!

As a result of participation in the competition, the team of the Northern College entered the top ten student teams of Karelia!

The series of games “Not just a quiz, but a quiz” was organized by the Government of the Republic of Karelia, PetrSU, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia.

The participation of a team of students from the Northern College was noted in PetrSU, and the director of the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Segezha E.Yu. Guseva presented the director of GAPOU RK “Northern College” I.S. Vasilyuk letter of thanks from PetrSU Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Work V.K. Katarov, and the most active students of the Northern College team – Laura Melnikova and Tamila Stalinskaya – will receive souvenirs from PetrSU.

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