PetrSU Day was held in Sortavala

Within the framework of the meeting of the base department of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology at the secondary school No. 1 in Sortavala, teachers of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education of PetrSU, associate professors E.S. Kazko, G.G. Stolyarov consulted with primary school teachers, attended lessons, discussed plans for further cooperation and psychological and pedagogical support for the organization of developmental education in primary schools.
There was also a meeting with teachers, class teachers, school psychologists, heads and methodologists of preschool educational organizations on the topic “Optimal relationships with parents: building, development and correction.” The topic was initiated by the colleagues of the Sortavala Information and Methodological Center (headed by T.V. Kuchuk). According to the feedback from the participants, a very useful and constructive conversation took place.

Career guidance activities were held in several directions. On the basis of school No. 1, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Russian History O.I. Kulagin and senior lecturer of the Department of Theory of Law and Civil Law Disciplines I.Yu. Biserova held consultations and master classes on history and social studies for school graduates.

At the IMC, a conversation about the teaching profession took place with participants in the teaching class from senior school students in the Sortavala region. The teachers of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology E.S. Kazko and G.G. Stolyarov.

The Tuokslakhtinsky main secondary school of the Sortavala region accepted students of the Department of the Department of Education and Science, studying the course “The originality of educational activities in a rural school.” Director E.V. Danchenko and the teachers introduced the guests to the specifics of the educational process in a small school, conducted lessons and a tour of the school. Students also gave career guidance talks and workshops for elementary and high school students. According to the senior lecturer of the Department of TyMNO T.Yu. Mitrofanova, who accompanied the students on the trip, they really liked the meeting and reception at the school, they saw with their own eyes the peculiarities of the “small” school.

All events ended with a discussion of plans for further cooperation, including within the framework of the activities of the base department and the Pedagogical laboratory of the rural school of the IPP PetrSU.

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