PetrSU entered the 1st league of the subject national aggregate rating

Petrozavodsk State University entered the 1st league in the direction of “Informatics and Computer Engineering”.
The subject national aggregate rating accumulates subject ratings of leading Russian agencies, popular world subject ratings, subject rating according to the Hirsch index, rating based on the results of assessing the quality of education, as well as subject rating based on the results of an independent assessment of programs.

This aggregated rating is based on 6 ratings, compiled on the basis of open databases and meeting the requirements of publicity (full information is presented in the public domain), stability (there are at least three years and is periodically assessed), mass (at least 100 universities are evaluated):

Subject ranking based on the results of professional public accreditation.
Subject rating “Assessment of the quality of education”.
Subject ranking according to the Hirsch index.
Subject ranking RAEX.
Subject rating “First Mission”.
Subject GAR (Russian universities).
There are 56 universities in 1 league, 11 of which are pivotal. The Northwestern Federal District is represented by 7 universities: 6 universities in St. Petersburg and the flagship university of the Republic of Karelia.

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