PetrSU has prepared a draft design for the improvement of the territory in Segezha

In accordance with the cooperation agreement between PetrSU and the Administration of the Segezha municipal district, as part of the implementation of the Development Program of the flagship university, PetrSU developed a design solution and visualization of the project of Territorial Public Self-Government (TOS) in Segezha.
Representatives of TPSGs “Antikainen” and “Bumazhnik” of the city of Segezha, Galina Petrovna Mayorova and Valentina Mechislavovna Stelmashevskaya, turned to PetrSU with a request to help in the preparation of sketches of a project for the improvement of the courtyard in Segezha for further submission of an application for the competition of socially significant projects of territorial public self-government, organized by the Ministry of National and regional policy of the Republic of Karelia.

A.O. Ioffe, senior lecturer of the Department of Technology and Organization of the Forestry Complex of the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences of PetrSU, prepared in the shortest possible time a draft design, which was included in the TOS application.

The project for the improvement of the courtyard area provides for the organization of a stone-paved path, the installation of beautiful and comfortable benches, planting of bushes and trees, resistant to the climate of the Segezha region.

Representatives of TPS “Antikainena” and “Bumazhnik” highly appreciated the assistance of A.O. Ioffe and expressed their gratitude to PetrSU.


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