PetrSU is in the top 20 Russian universities in terms of salaries of graduates employed in the IT industry

The agency for job and personnel search Superjob has compiled a rating of Russian universities in terms of the level of salaries of young specialists employed in the IT industry who graduated from the university in 2015–2020.
Petrozavodsk State University took 16th place in the ranking.

The study took into account only those graduates who got a job in Moscow. Their average salary is 100 thousand rubles, which is 10 thousand more than a year ago.

The graduates of the leader of the rating – the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – have a salary of 230 thousand rubles.

Also, when compiling the rating, the share of graduates who remained after graduation in the city of study was taken into account. In Petrozavodsk, this figure was only 60%. The remaining 40% of IT specialists who graduated from PetrSU left for other regions.

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