PetrSU is the winner of youth projects from Rosmolodezh

At the meeting in Rosmolodezh, the winners of the correspondence competition among individuals and universities, as well as competitions among individuals, held within the framework of the forums in March-April 2021, were approved.
Among the winners are projects that will be implemented by educational organizations and individuals with the support of programs and projects of the Russian Youth Union.

Petrozavodsk State University won a grant in the amount of 6,500,000 rubles for the implementation of 2 projects:

“Masters of Hospitality. Students”:
Within the framework of the project, students of educational institutions of the Northwestern Federal District and Central Federal District aged 18 to 30 years will have to solve cases on the formation of the tourist attractiveness of regions on the example of the Republic of Karelia and defend their project in front of the experts of the competition. Based on the results of competitive tests, the finalists will have the opportunity to work directly with professional mentors represented by the heads of executive authorities, non-profit organizations, and the tourism industry. The winners will receive organizational, financial and marketing support for the project, as well as will be awarded significant prizes from the partners of the competition.

All-Russian student mobile application “SKS RF” 2.0 .:
The project involves the release of a new version of the All-Russian student mobile application “SKS RF”, which will contain two large new sections: the student’s legal reference book and the statement constructor. The first block will consist of sections of legislation affecting the interests of students, presented in a compact format with easy navigation by topic and contain the possibility of sending an appeal to the trade union organization, clarifying their rights on a particular issue, or reporting violations of the law, including accompanying the complaint with confirming documents and photos. Thus, the student can not only study the information, but also quickly contact a specialist, having received help in solving the current difficult situation.

The application builder allows you to simplify the receipt of application services. The trade union organization creates and places in the appropriate section forms, by filling out which in the application the student forms an application (for example, for material support), attaches accompanying materials and sends them directly to the organization, without the need for an in-person visit. In addition, the opportunity will be realized to track the status of your application and the history of appeals to the trade union organization. Create a new application based on the previous one.

The new version of the application will be developed for two platforms IOs and Android, which makes the functionality available to all smartphone users.

We congratulate the students of PetrSU and wish them good luck in implementing the initiatives!

A complete list of winners of the All-Russian competition of youth projects among educational organizations can be found in the Order .

A total of 1946 projects from 326 educational organizations were submitted for the competition for a total amount of 3,952,356,332 rubles. Of these, 284 applications (1,769 projects) from universities were admitted to expert evaluation. 42 applications of universities were not admitted to expert evaluation due to non-compliance with the requirements established by paragraphs. 5.1. Competition announcements.

Universities from 77 constituent entities of the Russian Federation took part in the competition.

For the first time 15 universities took part in the competition.

312 projects from 142 universities were approved by the competition committee as winners of the competition for a total amount of 900,000,000 rubles from 51 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. 4 projects that received a passing score were not approved by the competition committee due to the impossibility of winning two projects submitted from one educational organization in one nomination. The commission approved the projects that scored the highest score. According to the results of project evaluation, the passing score was 268. The minimum grant amount for a project is 70,000 rubles. The maximum grant amount for a project is 14.6 million rubles.


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