PetrSU joined the fight for leadership in the field of artificial intelligence applications in Russia and in the world

The programmers of the Center for Artificial Intelligence are developing new unique products that can be used in almost all sectors of the economy.
The AI ​​center is developing smart sensor technologies. They take readings about the technical condition, operating conditions, operation of production equipment. Now such sensors are equipped with machines in the shops of “PetrozavodskMash”.

Vasily Melentyev, Director of the Center for Engineering Systems, said:

With the help of vibration, we can identify various kinds of defects and eliminate them. This will not affect the operation of the equipment, that is, the marriage will not go, and it will be regular.

Specialists of the Center for Artificial Intelligence are post-graduate students, teachers, scientists of PetrSU. They are the ones who develop intelligent systems that develop data analysis and search for patterns using algorithms and machine learning methods. Special attention is paid to the tasks of security and video analytics. For example, with the help of video systems, you can calculate those who walk in public places without a mask or without a helmet – in production.

Alexey Marakhtanov, Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence:

Another area is natural language processing. We are developing a series of dialogue systems to simplify the service of the public, students, employees who work remotely.

In addition, the university is now actively introducing VR technologies (Virtual Reality, VR – Virtual Reality, Artificial World), which are used to teach students online. Students without leaving home can visit various educational sites, participate in meetings and project development.

Vice-rector for academic affairs K.G. Tarasov noted:

The university has gained quite a lot of experience, and this is due to the first wave of distance learning in spring and summer. And today we have entered the distance as planned and we believe that it is being successfully implemented.

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