PetrSU Master’s Students’ View on Social Problems of Society

PetrSU students demonstrated an active civic position and presented their understanding of the processes taking place in modern society.
Within the framework of the competition in English, organized by I.E. Abramova and E.P. Shishmolina, undergraduates of the Institute of Contemporary Art, studying under the programs “Contemporary History of Russia”, “Organization and Management in Social Work” and “United Europe: from the Idea of ​​the Ancient Empire to the European Union”, presented their projects devoted to such acute problems of our time as the growing threat of terrorism , the need to combat corruption in all structures of society, the fight against socially dangerous phenomena – drug addiction and alcoholism.

The projects of undergraduates were distinguished by a philosophical approach to the consideration of the questions posed, a critical rethinking of a large amount of information, the correct use of statistical data to argue their position, as well as the use of an effective video sequence in order to exert the necessary influence on the viewer.

According to the jury, the best works in the Say No to Drugs nomination were works by Anton Malyshko (Contemporary History of Russia) and Evgeny Voityushenko (Organization and Management in Social Work).

2nd place was taken by Konstantin Malakhov (“Contemporary History of Russia”, Maria Makusheva (“Organization and Management in Social Work”), and 3rd place was awarded to Daria Fadeeva (“Organization and Management in Social Work”).

In the category “No corruption!” the winner was Artem Korotkiy (“The Newest History of Russia”), the 2nd place was taken by Vladimir Kurashov (“The Newest History of Russia”).

Nomination “New Coronavirus Pandemic: The World and Me”:

1st place – Yana Khorenko (“Organization and Management in Social Work”).
2nd place – Igor Kharitonov (“The Newest History of Russia”).
3rd place – Elizaveta Migunova, Yulia Golikova (“Organization and Management in Social Work”).
Daria Anashkina (Organization and Management in Social Work) won in the nomination “A World without Violence” .

In the category “Free Topic” the jury awarded victory to Polina Kopteva (“Organization and Management in Social Work”), and the collective work of Mark Verzhikovsky, Alexei Alekseev (“United Europe: from the idea of ​​an ancient empire to the European Union”), who analyzed the problems with which they collided during distance learning.