PetrSU : On the interaction of culture and business in border areas

On February 18, an informational and educational webinar will be held on the technologies of the future in the field of cross-border tourism, cooperation between Russian and Finnish travel companies to introduce innovative and attractive digital and other services in the tourism and hospitality industry.
Within the framework of the webinar, organized under the auspices of the KA-3004 projects “Development of effective forms of interaction between culture and business” and the KA-8016 project “Cooperation of small firms in tourism”, which received the support of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program, it is planned to discuss the current state of tourism on territories, prospects for interaction between Russian and Finnish companies to create new and improve existing tourism, hotel and other services, as well as introduce service thinking and advanced information and telecommunication technologies into the tourism business .

Popular presenters of tourist TV programs and thematic festivals Viktor Bychkov and Ville Haapasalo, well-known experts in digitalization in the field of tourism Laura Olin and Anu Nylund will act as speakers at the webinar.

We invite everyone who is interested in these issues to take part in the webinar.

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