PetrSU participation in “Digital Breakthrough 2021”

The VEHICLES hackathon “Transport and Logistics” was held on the site of the “Boiling Point – Petrozavodsk” center on October 22-24.
The event is hosted by the Russia – Country of Opportunities platform. A total of 8 hackathons (semi-finals) are planned for the current year. For each hackathon, several cases are offered from large companies, state corporations, federal and municipal authorities.

During the semifinals, teams of IT specialists work for 48 hours on assigned tasks – cases. In each case of the semi-finals, the winners are determined, who receive prizes: 1st place – 250 thousand rubles, 2nd place – 150 thousand rubles, 3rd place – 100 thousand rubles. Also, in each case, a list of 5 teams is determined, whose participants are invited to the final in December.

You can participate online and offline. During the hackathon, experts work with each team. Discord is used to communicate with them. Each team goes through three check-points, during which experts give feedback, help teams, answer questions about the case. Teams can direct and regulate the development of their project, depending on the information received from the experts. Everything ends with the protection of the project. Each team provides the organizers with a teaser, developed code, a presentation and a screen recording of the device demonstrating how the program works.

On behalf of the Administration of the Head of the Republic of Karelia, the Karelian Resource Center for Digital Technologies together with Petrozavodsk State University organized a regional IT hub in Petrozavodsk in the center ” Boiling Point – Petrozavodsk” .

An IT hub is a platform where a team can get together, discuss and defend.

The October hackathon from the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Petrozavodsk State University was attended by 12 teams, which united 50 people. Most of the participants worked online.

In the last VEHICLES hackathon, participants were asked to solve cases for transport:

ROSTELECOM – Development of a mobile application for a traveler;
ROSATOMA – Development of the optimal route for movement around the city using a quantum computer;
Sheremetyevo – Optimization of aircraft placement in parking areas;
Transport innovations in Moscow (Traffic control) – Designing an automated traffic control system;
Moscow transport innovations (Crowding coefficients) – Analytics of current and development of new user scenarios of the Moscow Transport mobile application for passengers of Moscow city transport;
Accenture – Development of an analytical system for working with the production plan of an industrial enterprise;
Department of Digital Development of the Lipetsk Region – Creation of an electronic map with up-to-date quantitative information on precipitation, which will be used to build routes for harvesting equipment.
Hackathon cases

At the opening of the hackathon at the “Boiling Point”, Yuri Borisovich Mishkov, Deputy Head of the Department of Informatization and Information Protection of the Administration of the Head of the Republic of Karelia, Alexey Marakhtanov, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Center of Petrozavodsk State University, Tatyana Nikolaevna Shumeiko, Head of the Applied Projects Group addressed the participants with a welcoming speech Karelian branch of PJSC “Rostelecom”, Svetova Nina Yurievna, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies.

The curator of the “Digital Breakthrough” from the Karelian Resource Center for Digital Technologies Natalya Mikhailovna Tribunalova noted:

The participation and victories of PetrSU teams at the all-Russian level is an indicator of the high quality of training of specialists and the work of teachers.

The team, which took the third place at the last hackathon and had already reached the final of the competition, spoke to the participants and shared their experience.

On Saturday, Mikhail Sidorov, co-organizer of the Petrozavodsk IT community and head of the web studio, was invited as a guest . He talked with all the teams and gave feedback on the guys’ work. The marathon for the participants ended only on Sunday – with the defense of projects.

All teams performed well. Congratulations to the winners and participants!

Fifth place and the opportunity to participate in the final of the Digital Breakthrough 2021 went to the Maskify team with the Road Cleaning case on the effective organization of harvesting transport in Lipetsk: Evgeny Kharichev, Igor Simagin, Roman Nikanorov, Nikita Fedorets, Nikita Zhidov.

We entered the Top 10 in the Sheremetyevo case (the Optimal aircraft placement on the airfield case), the Nya team : Nikita Anisimov, Aigul Khusnutdinova, Evgeny Topchiy, Konstantin Smirnov, Danil Ustinov.

Included in the Top 10 in the Rostelecom case, the Experts team : Stanislav Tiltevsky, Ilya Antonov, Yan Petrunin, Elizaveta Tereshchenko, Andrey Druzhinin.

Included in the Top 10 in the Rosatom case, TILDD teams : Lev Efremov, Tatiana Boldovskaya, Denis Knaub Danil Kramskoy, Ivan Vianni; “Black Box” : Maria Efimova, Alina Svetlova, Andrey Koposov, Valeria Polikarpov, Anatoly Kobzev.

We entered the Top 10 in the Crowding coefficients case , the Karel IMIT team : Maria Ananyeva, Ekaterina Zhiltsova, Sergey Kalyushin, Anastasia Tverdokhleb; Polina Bezmen, member of the Karelia national team.
Anna Zhelyakova, Fixiki team:

This is my first experience of participating in a programming contest, but it was a good experience. We are now in our third year studying the technology of software production, I think that if we had already passed it, we would feel more confident, and so many things had to be invented on the go.

The participants noted the high level of organization of the event by the specialists of the Karelian Resource Center for Digital Technologies, thanked the staff of the Boiling Point – Petrozavodsk center and Alexander Petrovich Konovalov personally for the provided platform for the IT hub, where it was very convenient for the participants to work.

Special thanks for the support of the hackathon by the Karelian branch of PJSC Rostelecom, which provided meals for the participants.

All those interested are invited to participate in the next AGROTECH hackathon (November 12-14, 2021) “Agriculture. Environmental protection. Foodtech”. To participate, you must register on the Digital Breakthrough 2021 platform .


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