PetrSU Pedagogical Innopark – a space for professional self-realization of teachers

Director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of PetrSU Rimma Ermolenko introduced the representative of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia Galina Gorelikova to the activities of the Pedagogical Innovation Park.
PetrSU Pedagogical Innopark has been open since 2019 and is constantly developing. It includes centers of various orientations and workshops where students are engaged in various types of fine arts, as well as robotics.

I looked at what new conditions have been created at the university for the training of modern teachers, since this issue is very relevant in the region (and not only in ours). We can say that the Pedagogical Innopark is such a unique creative environment and discussion platform for the work of project teams in the field of pedagogy, psychology, teaching methods and education. Everything – for the sake of the development of education itself, the modernization of the training of pedagogical personnel in accordance with advanced trends and the preservation of the best experience. We have agreed to cooperate on a number of issues. The university specialists have a lot of developments that are interesting, including, in the context of today’s emphasis on the development of the quality of education, the introduction of new federal state educational standards, creating conditions for children and expanding the professional competencies of teachers,

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