PetrSU Rector Anatoly Voronin congratulated PetrSU graduate on winning the Tokyo Olympics

Vladislav Larin won the final of the tournament in the category over 80 kg with a score of 15: 9. Gold of a Petrozavodsk University graduate became the seventh for Russia at the Olympic Games in Japan and the second in taekwondo both at these competitions and in the history of the Olympics.
Anatoly Viktorovich Voronin congratulated Olympic champion Vladislav Larin, his family and coach on winning the 2020 Olympics:

I am very pleased with the victory of taekwondo player Vladislav Larin, a graduate of the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of PetrSU, at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where he represented both Russia and the Republic of Karelia and our university at the highest Olympic level.

Petrozavodsk University, the Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism felt pride in the graduate and respect for his work, perseverance and dedication.

During the period of study at our university, Vladislav responsibly combined the training process and visits to the training camps, after which he had to quickly adapt, master the missed materials. And thanks to a flexible individual plan, the student managed to study well, to receive a sports scholarship!

I was able to watch his performances at the Olympics. I admired the athlete’s technique and athletic training. He worried, but believed in him. I saw that he was calm and confident of victory.

I was always amazed during my meetings with the best students, how Vladislav modestly talked about his many hours of training, numerous victories and sports achievements. I know that for him this victory is the fulfillment of a dream for which he diligently prepared, showing patience, perseverance, the will to win over himself and his rivals.

In the Republic of Karelia, good conditions have been created for the development of high-performance sports, and PetrSU, as a pivotal university, is not only an educational, research and innovation platform, but also a center for improving students.

I am sure that the students of Petrozavodsk University have new, bright victories ahead.

Special thanks to Vladislav’s coach, Sergey Nikolaevich Petrov, who was able to see the potential in his pupil and help him achieve such high results. It is no secret that any victory of an athlete is, first of all, a victory of the coach. He invests strength, skills, soul. This is one family that sets goals and achieves them.

I wish Vladislav, his family, coach not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, health and good luck!


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