PetrSU Scientific Library News

The subscription for scientific and fiction literature invites you to visit virtual exhibitions.
One of them is the Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks.

The exhibition is timed to the foundation of the first natural reserve in the Russian Empire – Barguzinsky, which is located on the shores of Lake Baikal.

For readers, there are books on numerous nature reserves, national parks, specially protected natural areas of Russia, as well as sciences devoted to environmental protection and the organization of protected natural areas.

The full texts of the books are placed in the electronic library systems “University Library Online” and “Yurayt” , access to which is provided to students, teachers and staff of PetrSU. Reading books is possible after registering with the EBS.

Consultations on registration and work in the EBS can be obtained at the National Library of PetrSU at the e-mail address

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