PetrSU spoke about the development of rural tourism in Karelia

Petrozavodsk: The Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism hosted a webinar “Development of Rural Tourism” on the use of the basics of hospitality by the owners of guest houses and conducting excursions for vacationers in rural areas.
The webinar presented projects of the Department of Tourism of Petrozavodsk State University related to recommendations for the development of rural tourism in the regions of Karelia and projects for the development of tourism in the Medvezhyegorsk region, created in cooperation with the Zaonezhie Visit Center.

68 people took part in the webinar, they were representatives of the Tourism Administration of the Republic of Karelia, district administrations, entrepreneurs working in the field of rural tourism and hospitality from Sortavala, Suoyarvsky, Pudozh, Lakhdenpohsky, Kondopozhsky, Segezhsky, Pitkyarantsky, Kemsky, Olonetsky, Pryagorsky and Medved districts, guides and residents of the Republic of Karelia, interested in the development of rural tourism on their territory, the teaching staff of PetrSU and RANEPA, students of the Department of Tourism.

The Deputy Head of the Tourism Department of the Republic of Karelia Lukina Olga Valentinovna made a welcoming speech. The peculiarities of rural tourism as a type of tourism were presented by the acting Head of the Department of Tourism Plotnikova Victoria Sergeevna. She presented the projects of the department aimed at the development of rural tourism in Medvezhyegorsk, Kalevala and Pudozh districts of Karelia, related to the expeditionary trips of the department, carried out and planned, and publications of the faculty of the department, which are devoted to this topic.

The topic of organizing interaction between tourist enterprises and local entrepreneurs in the village was continued by Tselikova Tatyana Yurievna, talking about the projects of the Zaonezhie Visit Center and the route created by Saaristo-tour.

The secrets of hospitality in rural accommodation facilities were shared by the associate professor of the Department of Tourism Shevchenko Vladimir Ivanovich. The fundamentals of excursions to natural objects were presented by Elena Vyacheslavovna Kuznetsova, leading specialist of the BPRU RK “Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Areas of Regional Significance of the Republic of Karelia”. Belan Anna Ivanovna, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Tourism, presented the basics of conducting rural excursions and acquaintance with cultural and historical sites.

The Department of Tourism thanks all participants of the webinar and is ready to cooperate in this area.

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