PetrSU student is among the semifinalists of the All-Russian competition

Participants of the professional competition “Teacher of the Future. Students ”will have to go through 3 stages: distance testing, interregional semifinals and the final.
Liana Otvinovskaya, studying at the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology under the Master’s program “Innovative Activity in Education” (supervisor of the master’s program, Professor V. M. Turkina), took part in the correspondence stage of the All-Russian competition aimed at developing and supporting promising students (students) in pedagogical and other programs of higher education. At this stage, the participants had to take an online test, which consisted of three parts: a subject or metasubject test, an assessment of functional literacy, and a general knowledge test.

Liana shared her impressions:

The general cultural test included tasks for general erudition. It seemed to me that these are tasks from the school curriculum. The functional literacy test was compiled on the basis of the methods of the international comparative studies of the quality of education PISA. In the subject test, it was possible to choose a subject close to the specialization, I, naturally, chose the teaching methods in the primary grades. Here I came across tasks on the methods of teaching mathematics and the Russian language in elementary school.

The project of the presidential platform “Russia – the country of opportunities” is being implemented within the framework of the federal project “Social elevators for everyone” of the national project “Education”.

Semi-finals of the competition “Teacher of the Future. Students “. In the Northwestern District, the semi-finals will be held on April 7-9 in Kaliningrad. Petrozavodsk State University will be represented by Liana Otvinovskaya, a bachelor’s graduate and a 2-year graduate student of our department, as well as Evgenia Zemskova, a 5-year student of the Institute of Foreign Languages. The girls entered the top 100 students participating in the competition in the Northwestern Federal District, we congratulate the girls on this wonderful achievement and wish them success in the semifinal battles, noted S. I. Smirnova, head of the department of theory and methodology of primary education, scientific supervisor L. Otvinovskaya.

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