PetrSU student reached the final of the “Teacher of the future. Students” competition

Liana Otvinovskaya, a 2 nd year student at the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology under the Master’s program “Innovative Activity in Education” (supervisor of the master’s program, Professor VM Turkina).
More than 80 students from various regions of the Northwestern Federal District took part in the semifinals. Liana Otvinovskaya, the only representative from the Republic of Karelia, was among the 25 students. Competitive tests for students participating in the district semifinals in the Northwestern Federal District were held at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

The semi-final of the competition consisted of three blocks: solving psychological and pedagogical cases, project work “School of the Future” (development of solutions for schools in the region) and the strategic game “Pedagogical landmark”.

The first day – opening, networking (meeting the participants), the 1st task – “case tournament” – consisted of 4 hours of fruitful work: the teams performed tasks to determine the style of pedagogical interaction from a video clip, then presented a small team performance of a specific style of pedagogical interaction, solved pedagogical cases. At the same time, the important thing was not so much the result of the work as the process. Experts assessed each participant individually in the course of teamwork.

The second day – work in new teams on the project “School of the Future” on the problems of a specific educational organization (MBOU “School of the Future”). The experts evaluated both the team as a whole and each participant separately.

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