PetrSU student will represent the region at the contest “Beauty of Russian Students”

Evgenia Slepukhina, a graduate student of the Institute of Philology, became a finalist of the national beauty contest among university students “The Beauty of Russian Students”, held by the Russian Youth Union since 2014.
More than 50 representatives of educational organizations from 42 regions will meet from 11 to 16 April in the face-to-face stage of the competition in Arkhangelsk.

Here’s what Eugene said:

I graduated from the bachelor’s degree in the direction of “Political Science”, but in the first year I was selected to the student information resource “Cloudberry”. He determined my future student life. 5 years later, I am a correspondent curator and video news editor. In 2019, we won the All-Russian National Student of the Year Award in the Best Student Media of the Year nomination. Then I realized that journalism and public relations are definitely mine. And I made a choice in favor of the philological direction when I entered the magistracy.

As for the competition, the student noted:

I am very glad to represent Petrozavodsk State University in such a competition. The road was not easy: 2 trains with a change in Belomorsk, but I recognized Belomorsk! I was more tired of waiting in line for my performance: there were 58 participants, so rehearsals of creative numbers lasted 3-4 hours.

In addition to studying for a master’s degree, I work as an SMM specialist, I came to the competition with a job, so there is no need to be “bored”. In addition, I carry out study assignments, and I still have to participate in the 73rd All-Russian (with international participation) scientific conference of students and young scientists of PetrSU.

Let us remind you that the national beauty and talent contest “Beauty of the Students of Russia” of educational institutions of higher education is the largest project in the field of talent and beauty for female students in the Russian Federation.

The competition has been held for the eighth year already within the framework of the Program for the Support and Development of Student Creativity “Russian Student Spring” of the Russian Youth Union. The project provides the participants with the opportunity not only to reveal their creative potential, but also to present beauty as a combination of spiritual qualities, intellectual, sports, creative abilities and external data of the participants.

The competitive program of the correspondence stage included portfolio assessment and a history test. In the full-time final, the participants of the competition will face new tests: self-presentation, where they need to tell in an original way about themselves, their activities and achievements; spelling dictation, literary test, photo competition, fashion show and creative performance.

According to the results of the competition stages, 12 students at the Arkhangelsk Drama Theater named after M.V. Lomonosov will compete for the title of “Beauty of Students 2021”.

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