PetrSU student – winner of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Social Work

The All-Russian Student Olympiad in Social Work was held at the Russian State Social University (Moscow).
The Olympiad was attended by 50 teams from different universities in Russia.

Petrozavodsk State University was represented by a team of students of the “Social Work” direction (Irina Igoshina, Angelina Martynova, Elizaveta Chagunava) under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Ph.D. Yu.A. Petrovskaya.

The Olympiad included several competitions aimed at assessing the level of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, creativity, and the ability to analyze the main stages in the development of social work in Russia. All competitions were held remotely.

PetrSU students demonstrated a high level of preparation at all stages of the competitive program, including gaining more than 90% in the Testing competition.

2nd year student of the “Social Work” direction Angelina Martynova took the 2nd place in the “Talents of Social Work” nomination.

The head of the team, Yulia Aleksandrovna Petrovskaya, took part in the work of the jury of the video competition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of social work in Russia.

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