PetrSU students and staff took part in an expedition to Gridino

Within the framework of the project “Initiatives for Rural Museums of Karelia: Gridino”, an expedition to the village of Gridino, located in the Kemsky region, took place. This is the 4th expedition organized by Gumpark during the summer season – 2021.
Gridino is one of 160 historical settlements in Karelia, included in this list due to well-preserved buildings. The museum appeared here in 2011 on the initiative of a native of the village Irina Aleksandrovna Filipenko. Local residents supported the idea and began to bring preserved ancient items: fishing tools, dishes, clothes, household and household items. Today, they can be used to study the history of everyday life of the Pomors and interesting local everyday features. For example, in Gridino, a kind of sleigh was used to transport water in a tub in winter, which the locals called a “cart”… It is a narrow wooden runner with a recess for a container with water and a fastening ring in the front part, for which the sled was pulled. The use of such “carts” was due to the peculiarities of the local landscape: instead of a wide road in the rocks, there were paths and wooden bridges that replaced streets.


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