PetrSU students can become census takers

A working meeting of the acting head of the department Lyudmila Korol with representatives of Petrozavodsk State University: Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Work Vasily Katarov and Director of the PetrSU Youth Innopark, Deputy Vice-Rector for Educational and Social Work Alexey Butenko.
The meeting participants discussed the issues of attracting students to participate in the All-Russian Population Census as enumerators.

Lyudmila Korol spoke about the goals and objectives of the upcoming most important state event, about the recruitment of census takers in the Karelian capital, where 46% of the republic’s population lives.

PetrSU students will be able not only to participate in a significant event for the country, but also to receive an additional increase in their student budget.

Kareliastat reminds that any citizen of the Russian Federation over 18 years old can be a censor. To do this, you can fill out a questionnaire posted on the Kareliastat portal and send it to the specified address.

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