PetrSU students celebrated the Independence Day of Greece

Within the framework of the cross-year of history “Russia – Greece”, 4th year students of the direction “Modern Greek language and literature, English” held an online meeting dedicated to the Independence Day of the Greek state.
This year, Greeks and Philhellenes celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Greek uprising on March 25, 1821, which marked the beginning of the liberation of Greece from four centuries of Ottoman rule.

Students told about the history of the national holiday, about the role of the Russian state in the development of historical events in Greece, about Lord Byron’s contribution to the struggle for the independence of the Greek people, about the heroes of the liberation movement, about A.S. Pushkin and Greece, about the reflection of the Greek revolution in world painting and Russian poetry. Poems of the Russian poets V. Kapnist and V. Tumansky, who responded to the Greek events, were performed in Greek translations.

We annually celebrate the festive date of March 25 with students, pupils and teachers of the Hellenica School of Greek Language. We dreamed that we would meet in full-time format, but alas … This year the organization of the event was carried out by the 4th year students. They prepared reports, the topics of which highlighted the main events of the Greek uprising of 1821. Two reports were prepared by 1st year students.

The communication was organized in Russian, since junior students of the “Classical Philology” direction had just begun to study the Greek language. However, poetic passages were also recited in Modern Greek. We wanted the guys to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Greek history, to know not only the events of the ancient period, but also to have an idea of ​​the most important pages of the modern history of Greece, in which the Russian state played an important role, said E.P. Litinskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Classical Philology, Russian Literature and Journalism, Institute of Philology.

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