PetrSU students help doctors in Kostomuksha


A sixth year student of the Medical Institute Chimvenu Maseka Mohammed, who came to PetrSU from the Republic of Zambia, and a fifth year student Bossan Meretgeldieva from Turkmenistan, help doctors in the city of Kostomuksha.
I decided to go to Kostomuksha because I wanted to help my colleagues at this difficult time. On October 18, I started working as a nurse at the Interdistrict Hospital No. 1. I check the temperature, the pressure of the visitors. There is a lot of work, we help in the therapeutic department of the polyclinic. I like the friendly attitude of my colleagues, they help. The workplace is very well organized.

We will return to school in 2 weeks. At the university I have a busy student life. We have excellent teachers, many friends from Russia and other countries.

But I will miss Kostomuksha, I would like to return, there are good people and a very beautiful city, said Bossan Meretgeldieva.

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