PetrSU students met the relatives of the Hero of the Great Patriotic War

On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, a solemn meeting of the relatives of the Hero of the Great Patriotic War – captain, military pilot Alexander Georgievich Melnikov took place.
The meeting was attended by students of PetrSU and GAPOU RK “Northern College”, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Muezersky Municipal District L.V. Filippova, Director of the Interdistrict Resource Center of PetrSU in Segezha E.Yu. Guseva.

In the spring of 1994, the search squad “Following in the footsteps of dead planes” in the Tikshozero area (Muezersky district) at the plane crash site discovered the remains of a pilot, as an unknown, and were buried near the village of Muezersky.

In the course of long-term expeditions, the search engines managed to find a fragment of an aircraft on which the engine number was read.

Only at the beginning of 2020, according to the database, it was possible to find out the name of the pilot – it was the deputy captain of the squadron of the 195th IAP, captain Alexander Georgievich Melnikov.

Relatives of Alexander Georgievich came from the Oryol region and, through Segezha, went to the village of Muezersky to participate in the celebrations dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of Alexander Georgievich Melnikov.

The students of PetrSU and the Northern College greeted the Hero’s relatives with words of great gratitude.

The Hero’s relatives sincerely thanked the students for their attention. They said that for almost 80 years they did not know anything about Alexander Georgievich, they assumed that the plane crashed over the Baltic Sea.

On June 22, a memorial plaque with the name of the military pilot Alexander Georgievich Melnikov will be installed in the Muezersky district .

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