PetrSU students of the “Jurisprudence” training area finished the academic year by participating in the traditional School of Young Lawyers

PetrSU students of the “Jurisprudence” training area finished the academic year by participating in the traditional School of Young Lawyers, organized by the Institute of Economics and Law in cooperation with the Karelian Regional Branch of the Russian Lawyers Association and the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The event was held on the basis of the sports and recreation camp of PetrSU “Shotozero”.

The goal of the school is to increase the competitiveness of graduates of the Institute of Economics and Law in the employment market by developing the professional skills of a lawyer.

The main tasks of the School: acquaintance of students with professionals – practicing lawyers of Karelia; getting an idea of ​​the work of a lawyer, discussing topical issues of law in the world and in Russia, developing the skills necessary for successful work in the field of law.

The School’s work formats are lectures, interactive games. The participants worked on collective projects, which later successfully defended everything.

Vitaly Antipin, chairman of the primary trade union organization of students of PetrSU, delivered a lecture on the peculiarities of social design and the tools that can be used to increase the efficiency of work on projects.

The chairman of the CEC of Karelia Aleksey Evgenievich Bakhilin, the head of the regional branch of the AYR, took part in the work of the School. He spoke with the topic “The Constitution of Russia and Modern Society.” Alexey Bakhilin also touched upon the topic of legislative regulation of elections in Russia and the specifics of holding elections on the territory of the Republic of Karelia. At the end of the training lecture, an exchange of views took place, and Alexey Evgenievich gave answers to questions of interest to the children.

Natalya Sergeevna Ermishina, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Law, touched upon an important topic about the peculiarities of students’ scientific activity in her speech. Natalia Ermishina presented a number of recommendations and tips that can be successfully applied to optimize scientific activities.

Within the framework of the School, a number of meetings were held with graduates of Petrozavodsk State University – law enforcement officers, practicing lawyers, and public figures. Students asked questions of interest about the specifics of the activities of a particular authority, the possibility of internship and internships, etc. All lecturers are professionals in their field, many of them, while still students, participated in the work of previous Schools.


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