PetrSU students participate in the exhibition “We”

The exhibition of young Karelian artists takes place in the City Exhibition Hall, in which the works of students of the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design participate.
Exhibitions of young artists in the City Exhibition Hall have traditionally been held once every five years, since 2010. Students of the Department of Technology, Fine Arts and Design of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Ekaterina Eremeeva, Polina Sirotina, Lina Kosheleva, Matvey Antonov presented their works at the exhibition. Gleb Leshikh, Daria Rukavishnikova, Yaroslav Roganina, Polina Katysheva.

Such exhibitions allow presenting a large layer of works of a new generation of local artists, drawing public attention to new names, helping young talents to find each other, a creative environment, gain professional experience, show their work to the general public, said the organizers.

The jury selected the works of 66 authors from Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha, Kondopoga, the settlements Meliorativny, Bolnichny, Kurkiyoki, Salmi, Khelyulya, Essoila to participate in the 2021 exposition. Viewers can see works created by young Karelian creators over the past 5 years. Works in different genres are presented, from close academic painting to contemporary art.

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