PetrSU students presented their projects to international experts

At the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia, PetrSU students took part in the teleconference “From the idea of ​​a social project to cross-border partnership: Good deeds know no boundaries”, which brought together the participants of the Karelia KA8002 PPP project Cross-border social entrepreneurship: Startup for everyone, opportunities for all “from Oulu, Kainuu, Kostomuksha and Petrozavodsk.
The participants of the teleconference were greeted by the Honorary Consul of Russia in Kuusamo Pauli Saapunki and expressed the hope that the project ideas presented by the participants of the teleconference would be translated into useful activities for the society on both sides of the border.

In her report, Natalya Tenchurina, Deputy Director General of the Corporation for the Development of the Republic of Karelia, noted that social entrepreneurs are provided with grant support in the amount of up to 500,000 rubles, and to date 39 applications have been submitted for inclusion in the register of social entrepreneurs.

Galina Potapova from the administration of the city of Kostomuksha highlighted project ideas in their district: the opening of a medical center, a cat cafe, the creation of a development center for preschoolers and primary schoolchildren and a creativity and fitness studio, the organization of a club for the elderly.

Начальник отдела дополнительного профессионального образования Карельского регионального института непрерывного профессионального образования ПетрГУ (КРИНПО ПетрГУ) Сергей Кошелев представил семь молодежных проектов для решения социальных проблем на российской стороне: проект для семей с детьми “Няня.com”, проект “Школа для родителей особых детей”, проект по социальной адаптации незащищенных слоев населения “Добро.ПТЗ”, проект по изготовлению продуктов питания для лиц с хроническими заболеваниями и ослабленным иммунитетом “Ларчик knows”, проект по экореставрации мебели и проекты для устройства в семьи животных, оставшихся без хозяев “Симбиоз” и “Сделай сегодня лучше, чем вчера”. Затем студенты ПетрГУ Яна Хоренко, Анастасия Пастьева, Григорий Изотов, Наталья Марфицына, Елизавета Чагунава, Эльмира Иванова, Денис Масленников детально представили свои проекты. Как отметил Сергей Кошелев, у всех представленных проектов есть трансграничный потенциал.

Natalia Alava from the Finnish NGO Launchpad from Kajaani and project representatives from Oulu talked about project ideas in Finland: the production of environmentally friendly cosmetics, a “hotel” for car wheels, a mobile cleaning company for ecological cleaning of carpets and furniture at home, a beauty center for animals, a recruiting company for companies in the field of metalworking and industry, art therapy, the services of non-professional translators, the creation of a place for recreation for parents with children, the development of a single service center for migrants, the creation of a low-threshold center for young people to promote healthy lifestyles. Particular attention of the participants was attracted by the “Smile” project to create a common website for entrepreneurs from various business areas.

All the participants of the teleconference expressed their hope for the continuation of cross-border cooperation.