PetrSU students successfully passed the competition for an assistant teacher of the Russian language in France

Every year, the French Embassy in the Russian Federation conducts a competitive selection for participation in the program “Assistant teacher of the Russian language in France” for senior students of pedagogical specialties. Students of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of PetrSU, studying French, once again successfully passed the qualifying round and got the opportunity to show their pedagogical capabilities.
This is a joint program of the French Institute and the International Center for Educational Research (CIEP), which allows Russian students to work in secondary educational institutions as an assistant teacher of the Russian language.

The assistants are called upon to open the peculiarities of the Russian language, civilization and culture to French schoolchildren. Thus, they contribute to raising the prestige of Russia in France and at the same time raise the level of the French language, acquiring knowledge about French culture.

This program promotes student mobility at the European and international level and allows students to gain additional knowledge in the field of teaching languages, as well as first work experience, which will undoubtedly become important for their future careers.

The main role of the assistant is to improve the communication skills of students (especially in oral speech) and deepen their knowledge of Russian civilization and culture.

This year, 45 assistants included 5th year students of PetrSU (direction of training “Pedagogical education”, profiles “French and English”) Anastasia Kuzmicheva, who will work in Besancon, and Evgenia Zemskova – in Lyon.
Students of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​of Petrozavodsk State University have been participating in this program since 2012.

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